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    • SKU: BO-1030

      Antique Hebron Beads Artisan Ceramic Spiral Pendant


      Overall Length: 17″
      Gorgeous antique Hebron glass beads with a ceramic spiral pendant crafted by a Bulgarian artist joined by a sodalite guru bead. Hebron is an important city south of Jerusalem and west of the Dead Sea. Hebron glass guilds rivaled the Venetian glass guilds in their extraordinary bead making. The iconic ancient Pagan Celtic spiral have two lovely meanings: one as a symbol of birth, life and regeneration from the center of the spiral outward; the other, the journey inward of self introspection. It also is an ancient sign of eternity with no beginning and no end. Gemstone Sodalite encourages self-esteem and harmony.

    • SKU: TAL-1089

      Handcrafted Berber “Hirz” Talisman with Lapis Lazuli Intaglio Bead Necklace


      Overall Length: 16.5″
      Hand knotted handcrafted very unusual, rare lapis lazuli intaglio bead necklace with stunning ancient enameled Berber “hirz” silver amulet and artisan sterling silver hinged security clasp. The Arabic word “Hirz” literally means “a protected space”. Ancient lapis lazuli has been revered by many cultures for its spectacular cobalt blue color. Titian, Michelangelo and Vermeer all used the crushed blue powdered gemstone mixed with resins and oils in their paintings and murals. Lapis lazuli has been revered for centuries as the stone of wisdom, protection and royalty. This gorgeous handmade Moroccan Berber hirz would have carried verses from the Qur’an and worn by women as a protective amulet.

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