• SKU: TAL-1082

      Baroque Pearl Necklace “Antique Handmade Silver Prayer Box Amulet


      Overall Length: 17″

      Hand knotted Baroque pearl necklace with handmade Ethiopian metal focal beads and very old stunning handmade authentic kitab Tuareg Silver Gris Gris (means talisman) hand engraved silver talisman These amulets were worn typically by SW Saharan Tuareg men and women for good luck, protection from evil and for good health.

    • SKU: ELE-1037

      Handmade Antique Sterling Silver Bead Necklace Antique Sterling Silver Openwork Hamsa Pendant


      Overall Length:

      Handmade antique sterling silver openwork Hamsa talisman with handmade sterling silver bead necklace held together by an artisan sterling silver hinged security clasp. The ancient Hamsa is an important symbol for many religions, most notably “The Hand of Miriam”, the sister of Moses, in Judaism. It is also known as the “Hand of Fatima”, the daughter of the prophet Mohammed in Islam and the “Hand of Mary” in Christianity. The Arabic word “Hamsa” symbolizes the evil eye in the number 5 (fingers). When the Hamsa is shown facing up, it is a symbol of protection from evil. When facing down, it is a symbol of abundance and welcome. The Hamsa also is a symbol of the chakras and five senses for Hindus and Buddhists.

    • SKU: ELE-1039

      Handmade Antique Sterling Silver Bead Necklace Handmade Antique Berber Sterling Silver Kitab


      Overall Length: 17″

      Lovely antique Berber handmade high grade etched silver kitab amulet with handcrafted sterling silver hollow cube beads and artisan made hinged sterling silver security clasp. As a reflective substance, sterling silver rejects negativity and is considered to be protective. The Arabic word “kitab” literally means “book” and often refers to books of sacred scripture.

    • SKU: TAL-1091

      Hindu Goddess Silver Amulet Baroque Pearl Necklace


      Overall Length: 16.5″
      Hand knotted Baroque pearl necklace with handmade Hindu goddess diety silver amulet. The shape of Hindu amulets is significant and the amulet must be ceremoniously consecrated before wearing. Round amulets are considered mandalas which are symbols of the universe and are meant for protection from evil. Baroque pearls became fashionable in jewelry in the 1600s because of their irregular, elaborate shapes. Vermeer’s 17th c. “The Girl with the Pearl Earring” iconic painting showcases beautiful Baroque pearls.

    • SKU: TAL-1045

      Taureg Carnelian Sterling Silver Hinged Talisman Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Bead Necklace


      Overall Length: 19″

      This elegant artisan oval carnelian (also called agate) gemstone and engraved hinged silver pendant was created by a Tuareg craftsman and worn by the Tuaregs of Niger and Mali region in the NW Saharan. Crafted to resemble the face of a goddess and her headdress, this craftsman’s especially beautiful amulets are valued particularly as quality symbols of purity and peace. The amulet, handmade sterling silver hand hammered beads handcrafted tiny, wrapped sterling focal beads all are held together by an artisan sterling clasp with a lovely garnet cabochon. According to African legend, the carnelian/agate stone is a talisman which protects the one who possesses it against malicious spirits or bad luck. Agate also is associated with the power of healing generating a sense of calm and self-control. Silver, a precious metal, is important as an essential base metal in Alchemy. Spiritually, silver is believed to increase psychic self-awareness and foster calm and personal balance.

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