Antique Handmade Enamel and Silver Berber Hijab Talisman with Antique “Skunk” Venetian Trade Bead Necklace


SKU: TAL-1073

Overall Length:  16″

Lovely very antique handmade tribal enamel Berber hijab talisman with antique Venetian “skunk” trade beads (circa 1800s) and sterling silver focal beads and security clasp. Primary used for adornment, Berber hijab talisman, crafted by Moroccan silversmiths, often contained prayers written on cloth inside and were worn on the chest. The lovely trade beads were made in the 1800s by the Venetian glass guilds in Murano, Italy, primarily to be used in trade.  They were named “skunk” beads because their glass patterns simulated a skunk’s markings.

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