Lapis Lazuli Intaglio Necklace Ancient Moroccan Hirz Amulet


SKU: TAL-1065

Overall Length: 16″
Hand knotted handcrafted very unusual lapis lazuli intaglio bead necklace with stunning ancient enameled Berber hirz silver amulet and artisan sterling silver hinged security clasp. Ancient lapis lazuli has been revered by many cultures for its spectacular cobalt blue color. Titian, Michelangelo and Vermeer all used the crushed blue lapis lazuli for its stunning blue color in their paintings and murals. It is the gemstone of wisdom and royalty. Powerful lapis lazuli is an ancient protective gemstone. The ancient Moroccan Berber handmade hirz is a protective amulet that would have been worn on the chest. The word “hirz” means “safe place”

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