Rare Shell Bead and Ostrich Shell White Jasper Pendant Necklace


SKU: SC-1023

Overall Length:  18″

Handcrafted white jasper gemstone inlaid in etched brass with hand knotted old, rare Naga shell beads, old ostrich shell focal beads, and artisan brass clasp. The most important gemstone to relieve stress, white jasper is called “the supreme nurturer” in that it fosters states of calm and relaxation. It also lifts the spirit and creates joy. Seashells are the oldest form of adornment. They historically represent serenity and shelter from harm. Brought from the all-powerful sea by the ebb and flow of  waves, shells mirror the life forces of birth, death and resurrection. Ostrich shells were used initially as containers for their lightness and transportability. The mother ostrich lays her eggs in the sand and then forgets them, letting the sun incubate them.

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