Yak Bone Bead Necklace Antique Venetian Trade Beads Carved Yellow Jade Pendant


SKU: GEM-1095

Overall Length: 17.25″

Hand knotted yak bone bead necklace with antique Venetian trade focal beads, carved “double happiness” yellow jade pendant. Sacred jade provides emotional stability and harmony with those around us. The stone of prosperity, it attracts abundance and longevity. The color yellow is an ancient symbol for joy. In Tibet, yak bone is used in making Buddhist malas (think Catholic rosaries). Since ancient times Tibetan people have revered the yak for all that this shaggy animal provides: beast of burden, fur hide, food, milk, fuel (dung).  The yak also symbolizes the Buddhist tenets of impermanence and the life and death cycle and the  bones are used to make all manner of items for use and trade.

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